Use Cases

At MidVision Cloud we provide solutions to help customers who are existing users of IBM Software move to non IBM Cloud Platforms. IBM provides direct services, consulting and hourly utility billing for software on their own cloud platforms like Softlayer. MidVision Cloud provides the same services – but for organisations who wish to run IBM Software on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. 

We provide a solution that has the IBM software solutions at their centre – with support, services and tools to assist in migrations of IBM software. We list many of the most popular IBM products on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces – so users can benefit from simple and flexible hourly billing.


Infrastructure and License Cost Savings

Most organisations are moving away from traditional on premise relative static infrastructure environments to much more dynamic and flexible cloud models on platforms like AWS and Azure. The compute, storage and infrastructure costs are often the initial driver – however the cloud platforms provide marketplace’s to sell software and solutions using the same utility hourly billing models. MidVision Cloud provides IBM software on AWS and Azure – pre-installed images with IBM software ready to run in a matter of minutes.


The easiest and fastest solutions to move to a public cloud is often Development environments. MidVision Cloud supports hundreds of development organisations run IBM Software on public clouds – allowing developers to provision, configure and start using IBM software as and when they need it.


Traditionally organisations have run large test environments that are only utilised for a fraction of the time. Cloud platforms provide the infrastructure models to only run them when required – with MidVision Cloud providing the hourly utility billing across entire stacks. There are over 8500 hours in a year – many test environment requirements could be satisfied with a tenth of that!


A major headache for many IBM Customers is forecasting. Asking an organisation what their infrastructure and licensing requirements are in three years from now is not only expensive, time consuming and error prone – but also results in most cases of procuring shelf ware that is never used. MidVision Cloud’s simply hourly billing models removes any requirement to forecast – simply pay for what you use.

If you already own IBM License for product like WebSphere or IBM MQ – you can use a BYOL model and procure hourly licenses from MidVision if you need them.

Peak Production

Modern cloud platforms like AWS and Azure provide advanced features like Auto-Scaling that allow new infrastructure to be brought online to handle peak workloads. Using hourly billing for IBM Software you are able to take advantage of the power of the under lying cloud platform without the need to procure huge amounts of perpetual licensing to handle the infrequent, but potentially high high watermark usage.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery can be extremely cost effectively delivered with passive infrastructure configured – but most of the time not running – on a public cloud. Hourly utility infrastructure and licensing means the costs are almost negligable unless a Disaster Recovery is invoked – at which point you will incur costs at a fraction of delivering in any other way.