About Us

The MidVision Cloud idea was conceived in 2014 by Dave Sayers and Richard Bettison. Based on their experiences of using the IBM WebSphere product set but lacking a good way to use the products just when they needed them and at an affordable price, their vision was to create a service dedicated to providing enterprise application images at a reasonable hourly cost, in the cloud.

MidVision Cloud partnered with IBM, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in order to bring the IBM products to cloud users, who could access them on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces, for an hourly fee without having to buy and maintain costly IBM perpetual licenses.

Over time, MidVision Cloud has expanded from the original WebSphere images to include DataPower, MQ, Message broker and more. In response to our customers requests, we are adding new images all the time and are now expanding to add ‘composite’ images for example IBM WebSphere application server together with IBM MQ.

The MidVision Cloud brand is owned and maintained by MidVision Limited.