Support SLAs

Flexible support options

Our “Standard Support” comes included in the hourly cost of the MidVision images. We are also able to provide “Enhanced Support” to our enterprise customers for an additional fee. Contact MidVision for details.

Custom SLA’s are also available upon request.

Standard Support
Enhanced Support


Community Forum

Electronic Problem Submission

24/7 (Shared Portal)

24/7 (Dedicated Portal)
Telephone Problem Submission

Support Hours
Standard business hours

Standard business hours
(24/7 for severity 1)

Response Target*
1 Business day

2 hours

*The response target is on a 'reasonable commercial endeavours' basis.


Questions About MidVision Cloud SLA’s?


Is support included in the hourly instance price?

Yes. When you run an instance based on one of our images you are automatically entitled to ‘standard‘ web-based support for the software supplied by MidVision.

What is the difference between standard and enhanced support

If you need support for mission critical production environments, then we offer an additional ‘enhanced‘  support option including web-based and 24/7 telephone support with enhanced response times and dedicated support portal.

How does standard support work?

Anyone  can register for support on the MidVision support site.

All support issues should be raised on this site. With standard support you will need to provide your Marketplace ID so that we can verify your entitlement to receive support.

The highest support ticket priority with standard support is ‘High’.


Who can see the tickets I raise using standard support?

By default, anyone can view tickets raised in our shared support portal, unless the ticket is set to ‘Private’. Therefore it is very important that you don’t post any personally identifiable data when using standard support.

The requester will only be identifiable by their first name and has the option to hide their email address on their account profile page.

When will I get an answer to my support question?

For enhanced support we operate to a support SLA. 

For standard support, your support question will be answered in priority order, depending on the severity of the ticket you raise. We will make reasonable efforts to respond to all tickets within 1 business day of being raised.

Please note that you should try to accurately assign the severity of the ticket as described on our support site, as MidVision Cloud engineers will asses the issue and may amend the severity, at their sole discretion, if it is deemed necessary


I need a private support area - what do I need to do?

If you need a private support portal, we can create one for you. This will be done automatically when you subscribe to enhanced support.

If you are using standard support, it may still be possible to have a private support portal, depending on your usage of our images over the preceeding 3 months. Please contact us if you wish to set this up.

Do you offer consultancy services?

Yes. We are able to offer expert consultancy services for any of the images we list, provided by ourselves or one of our partners. Consultancy is priced on either an hourly, daily or monthly rate and is typically provided remotely.

What constitutes support versus consultancy?

Generally speaking, where you have an error in your logs or identify a bug or something not working as expected, then we’ll take a look at it and work with you on a resolution. 

Where you are seeking advice on configurations, best practice or asking us to perform configuration, set up, data migration, updates and upgrades, problem or project management or other longer term functions, we’d consider this consultancy.

What services are available in enhanced support?

Enhanced support, at its simplest entitles you to 24/7 telephone support for severity 1 issues and an enhanced response time as well as a dedicated support portal. You can also add the following services:

  • Patching and upgrade service

How do I buy enhanced support?

We are only able to offer enhanced support on a quarterly cost basis as it is not economical for us to price hourly.

Please visit our enhanced support page for more information.

What if the third party vendor discontinues support for a product version?

MidVision recommends that customers upgrade to the latest versions of products as soon as possible after they are released. MidVision Cloud will continue to provide level 1 and level 2 support for older product versions until our discontinuation of the product version or your cancellation of your subscription, whichever is later.

However, please be aware that running older versions is at your own risk as we may no longer be able to raise a support ticket or obtain a bug fix or security patch from the vendor for out-of-support versions. Our ability to provide support in this situation is therefore very limited and it may be necessary to upgrade to a later (supported) version of the product in order to obtain support.

Can I view the EULA?

Yes. You can access our EULAs here

Any other questions?

We’ve answered lots of common questions on our ‘Your Questions Answered‘ page, or you can email us with your specific question at