Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support

Our “Standard Support” comes included in the hourly cost of the MidVision images. We are also able to provide “Enhanced Support” to our enterprise customers or for an additional fee as shown below

Custom SLA’s are also available upon request.

Monthly fee
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Call-out fee
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Enhanced Support*




*Monthly fee based on a minimum 3 month subscription term.


Questions About MidVision Cloud Enhanced Support?


How does enhanced support work?

Enhanced support has 3 components:

  • A subscription fee payable each quarter whether you need to access support or not. 
  • A call out fee, charged each time you call our dedicated support helpline to register a new severity 1 issue.
  • An hourly service fee whilst our engineers are engaged with you in fixing any issue raised via our telephone support line or through the support portal raised as severity 1 (Blocker). 


How do I buy enhanced support?

We are only able to offer enhanced support on a rolling 3 month basis as it is not economical for us to price hourly.

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ link above and complete the fields in the request form. You will need to accept the terms of the MidVision enhanced support agreement (MESA). 

You will receive by email a proposed statement of work (SOW) generated from your form inputs. A MidVision sales engineer will contact you regarding the specific terms of the agreement.

When will I get an answer to my support question?

For enhanced support we operate to a support SLA as detailed on the SLA’s page.

Please note that you should try to accurately assign the severity of the ticket as described on our support site, as MidVision Cloud engineers will asses the issue and may amend the severity, at their sole discretion, if it is deemed necessary

Can I access consultancy services?

Yes, consultancy is available to you on an hourly basis as per the support fees. The only difference is that you won’t pay the call-out fee when accessing pre-arranged support within business hours. You may also wish to purchase a more cost effective consultancy services bundle.

What services are available in enhanced support?

Enhanced support, at its simplest entitles you to 24/7 telephone support and a 2 hour response time as well as a dedicated support portal:

  • 2 hour response time
  • 24/7 support for severity 1 or 2 (blocker, critical) issues raised through the MidVision telephone support line or via the support website.
  • A MidVision support representative will continue to work on a resolution to a severity 1 (blocker) issue 24/7 until a resolution (or workaround agreeable to the client) is found, unless:
    • there is no appropriately skilled technical person from the client’s team available to work with MidVision’s support staff; or
    • The MidVision support representative is waiting for a response or fix from a third party supplier; or
    • The MidVision support representative is waiting for a response to a request made to the client.
  • You may request (in advance) additional consultancy services as required, to be provided during normal business hours at the same rate as the support services.

Who can see the tickets I raise using enhanced support?

You will be given access to a private support portal when you subscribe for enhanced support. This will only be visible to your named employees and the MidVision support team.

Any other questions?

We’ve answered lots of common questions on our ‘Your Questions Answered‘ page, or you can email us with your specific question at sales@midvision.com.