MidVision RapidDeploy Container on AWS

Amazon ECS and EKS


This Docker container image contains the RapidDeploy framework server and remote agent which is free to use for up to 10 target nodes. RapidDeploy can be used to manage your deployments and releases to any target via SSH or using a remote agent.

Getting the default RapidDeploy password

The default initial password is randomly generated and shown in the Docker logs of the container. In order to view these logs you can use the docker logs command. Assuming the container name is midvision_rapiddeploy the command would be something like the following:
 docker logs midvision_rapiddeploy
And you should search for something like the following:
* The password is: 7rkUPoqI2ztQ *
If you are not able to see it you probably need to wait for the container to be completely initialised, please wait a few more seconds and try again.
You can always change the password after your first login to something more memorable in the graphical interface:


6.1 Contacting MidVision support

Please visit our support website.