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How to enable and access MQ web console on AMI in AWS  


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I am not able to access the web console and REST API on the AMI in AWS.


I have tried to hit the  https://{my IP}:9443/ibmmq/console but it doesnt show up any response. All the required ports 1414,9443,9090,1415 are open for outside communication.

I am not able to configure the web console as mqcli command does not work on the server.

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Thank you for using our IBM MQ AMIs from AWS.

You are right, at the moment web console is not configured in our AMIs by default. 

MQSeriesWeb component is installed inside our AMI, but the web-console is not configured and started. You should be able to configure it by following IBM documentation from: and

We plan to add this default web-console configuration to our AMI.  In our new version, you will be able to use web-console just after launching a new instance from the AMI.

This task is in our next sprint so in about two weeks this new version should be publicly available on AWS. 



Mariusz Chwalek